Our BS 8418 accredited Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) monitor CCTV 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Typically CCTV monitoring is on “Alarm Activation”.

When we receive an alarm from a premises our trained operators will dial into that premises CCTV to ver-ify the alarm, evaluate the situation and referring to the cascade instructions agreed with the client, take on the next course of action.

This can range from an audio warning to the intruder, calling a key holder or if required the Police can be called (for BS 8418 commissioned site with a valid URN)


Our BS 5979 (Cat II) Alarm Receiving Centre is capable of monitoring the majority of alarm platforms in the UK. Whether it be a standard a security alarm system to freezers in a Supermarket or Gas Detectors in live or void properties, if you can get it to signal then we can monitor it.On receipt of an alarm, our trained operators will respond as per your agreed setup instructions, formed collaboratively with us, you and your client. This response can range from an audio warning to an intruder, calling a key holder or if required calling the Police (site with a valid URN only).


Construction industry theft in the UK is thought to produce losses in the region of between £600 million and £1 billion per year.

Scaffolding creates quick access from ground floor to otherwise inaccessible areas of the building so scaffolding alarms have been in use for some time to counter this threat.

Debris or sheet netting required for health and safety and aesthetic purposes offers protection from observation to intruders on site.

Traditional alarms are prone to false alarms and netting restrict responders from seeing inside the scaffolding. Persistent false alarms will result in Police and others stop responding so there is a need to have an inexpensive way to verify activations. Our wireless video alarm service is the ideal package to give around protection.

The Delta wireless video alarm and response service is controlled and monitored from our industry and insurance compliant ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). The system can be monitored anywhere within the UK/Europe in fact any where worldwide with GPRS coverage. Using up to date cellular communications the device sends an immediate alarm signal followed by a 10 second video image of what activated the alarm. Our operators can quickly verify and instigate the appropriate response which can include audio warnings if appropriate.

The system is sent to you preconfigured and ready to use with easy to understand advice and instructions. Self-installed you will have free 24/7 technical set up and support for the duration of the monitoring contract.



The RSI Videofied product range is the only totally wireless, totally battery powered video alarm system on the market. An internal or external camera incorporating a movement sensor, an alarm panel, a keypad and a mobile phone SIM card are all you need to get the system started. In total up to 24 devices can be added to the system.


Once the system has been armed the panel informs the camera/sensor of its armed status and from that moment the sensor is active and will respond to intrusion.

Once an intrusion is detected, the camera records a ten-second video clip and despatches it via radio frequency to the panel. The then panel connects to Delta Monitoring Services and sends the video clip.

Our highly trained operators once the alarm has been received will deal with to incident as per you agreed response plan. Also the clip is automatically relayed to a number of designated recipients via email.

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