We provide professional close protection officers, high value escorts, security chauffeurs, special event protection, backstage and front stage close protection /bodyguards, executive close protection, celebrity close protection, surveillance, counter surveillance.

Today the intelligent close protection operative has developed into a physical security Professional that has extensive knowledge of asset ranking, threat risk assessment, physical and electronic security systems, security planning and physical protective duties.

We do not believe in heavy handed bodyguards who often attract attention. Our Close Protection Service offers a safe route to individuals, groups or VIP’S in going about their business or leisure activities.

Every step that our clients take will be planned, monitored, protected and if required, completely covert so as to create a comfortable lifestyle for our clients. However, the one thing that will stand out will be the professional attitude and consistency by the 3D Security CPO and the protection team involved.


The need to secure the clients residence can be vital and with our detailed security surveys will expose the risks and weaknesses which we can then counter with cost effective solutions depending on the client’s needs.


Our Security risk and threat assessments are concerned with the evaluation of risk to vulnerable individuals and assets including corporate entities.

The aim of the assessment is to identify weaknesses in existing security protocols and make recommendations to rectify any failing. The assessments are conducted by experienced security consultants over a period of time by way of checks and tests, and may include inserting an undercover operator to work within the entity so as to obtain an objective analysis, free of interference and cover-up.

All 3D Security Close Protection Officers are very well trained and very professional with most having served in the British Armed forces.

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