At ACS approved 3D Security we believe that there is a lack of good service and quality in a lot of the Door Supervision Services in this Country with cash in hand (or so called invoice), un-insured, Sub-standard Door supervisors (who are not suited to your venue, just an SIA Badge) or overzealous supervisors that upset your customers with their actions, etc. So the weekend is nearly here and yes you’re all competing for customers, with promotions, events, bands etc., so if you could just look at your current Door Supervisors and even ask them:

  • Do they get a pay slip from their employer?
  • Do you have a copy of their Public Liability insurance and employer’s Liability Certificate?
  • Do they get holiday pay?
  • Do they have access to further training?
  • Are they happy working your venue or for your security provider?
  • Do they invoice their company then if so where is their personal Liability insurance?

Does your current Door Supervision Provider: Provide you with a Due-Diligence book (with licence details, signing in & out, incident reports, insurance documents, nightly recorded logs with numbers in/out, toilets checks, banned lists, up to date policies) etc.

  • Provide you with a proper invoice, with company name (fully checked out?) Trust me the Inland Revenue is looking at these companies and anyone associated with them eg: their clients & customers.
  • Do you get regular feedback opportunities with your provider?
  • Do you get to have a say in the Door Supervisor you want?
  • Does your security provider change its name every 12 – 18 months but with the same staff and just set up different bank details?

We have seen it all and know this happens. At 3D Security our Door Supervisors are handpicked (not just anyone with a badge), fully insured, very well trained and highly motivated to deliver a fantastic, professional security package that you require for your venues safety, security and above all your reputation.

Not everyone with a SIA Door Supervisor license is a Doorman, 3D Security MD.

As a company we believe that your business and your customers are the most important aspect of our business. Creating a good first and last impression is a critical role of being a good door supervisor and thus allows your customers to relax and enjoy their evening without fear of injury or harassment.

All 3D Security Door Supervisors are very polite, totally professional and are very well trained for their job. They also comply with the BS 7960 regulation for Door Supervisors and most of them are also First Aid trained. They will all ensure the safety of your staff and your venue and at the same time provide an excellent welcome for your customers.

Our policy is to provide top quality door supervisors that are more in touch with today’s business requirements and not the door supervisors of yesterday.

Good door supervisors can recognise and diffuse a situation before it becomes a problem and we believe in a non-confrontational approach whenever possible.

We issue all our venues a 3D Security Due -Diligence booklet for your Managers and the local licensing Officers and which meet local Police requirements with signing in/out sheets, Public liability insurance certificates, Incident report forms, Records of numbers in/out every hour with a venue total, ID checks, searches, toilet checks, refusals at the door, ejections, etc, this is how we expect our Door Supervisors to carry out their duties while working at your venues. What we are able to offer is a Strong, Dynamic and Experienced Door team that will more than meet your needs and far exceed your expectations.

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