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Mobile Security services have a number of advantages:

  • They are more affordable than dedicated manned guarding and allow organisations and smaller companies in particular – to reap the benefits of having a professional Security presence.
  • They help to maintain a deterrent value by providing a visible Security presence.
  • A mobile service can also provide a swift reactive capability in the event of an incident.

3D Security has a wide range of new company vehicles (4x4s, Vans, Motorbikes) which are all fully signed and equipped with all necessary equipment to deliver the highest quality of service and provide our customers with a rapid response service.

We can provide this rapid response and mobile patrol service because we dedicate individual company vehicles for small areas. This ensures that the service is very thorough and with very quick response times.

All 3D Security Mobile Patrols use the Partner Patrol Management System. This system uses magnetic scan points which will be placed at strategic points on your site and which will be scanned with a patrol recorder, carried at all times by our guards. All relevant data, including times on site, dates and other relevant info will be stored on this recorder and at the end of every shift the data will be scanned into our computerised system. Reports of these visits will be accumulated on a weekly basis and forwarded to you.

This ensures and shows you exactly what time our guards have been on site and have carried out their relevant patrol checks (Our guards will patrol and check all doors & windows, yards, plant, cars, check for frozen pipes, etc.) most criminals will hide when a vehicle approaches so we walk around and check everything unlike other security companies who employ a visual “drive by” policy and then can cover 30-40 businesses a night.

This service has proved a great cost effective form of security for construction sites, offices, lock ups, Garden Centres, Warehouses, Business premises and any vacant properties and with our random Security patrols we can stop theft, fire, squatting, flooding, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

We recommend to our customers at least 3 visits per night from our mobile patrol units, at random times, to prevent any criminals to be able to pinpoint when security is on site. These can be used as part of a wider Security solution or as a stand-alone service according to your Security needs. 3D Security provides Mobile Security services to a range of companies of varying size and from different industries.

“A very cost effective way of securing your site or premises by a very Professional Company”

David Sullivan Construction Manager

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