TV and Film Security 3D Security have extensive experience in providing a safe and secure environment for Major Film productions, T.V Dramas, Sitcoms, T.V commercials, and Pop Promos.

Our management team will work with you to establish an exact statement of your security needs and our fully trained and SIA licensed operatives will ensure that this translates into a fully protected situation for all personnel in your workplace.

One of our senior managers will act as your contact and will conduct job specific risk assessments and location security surveys which help them, and ultimately you, to produce a detailed report recommending various levels of set security and what measures need to be taken to achieve them.

Our specialist security teams we use for TV and Film security are dynamic and are able to adapt to a number of different location security roles.

  • Securing VIP areas such as trailers/cast areas.
  • Location Security (Studio, Street, Theatre, outside broadcasts).
  • Traffic Management.
  • Close Protection/ VIP Bodyguards.
  • Crowd Control and Audience screening.
  • Counter surveillance and anti-paparazzi measures.
  • Risk analysis, threat assessments and location surveillance.
  • Securing satellite trucks and equipment.
  • Studio Green room and sensitive areas.

All our operatives are equally comfortable providing a formal security presence or where more appropriate a more discreet casual role. Location or Set, Theatre or Studio we can provide a complete security solution for you and your teams.

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