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Properties that are left unoccupied are vulnerable to squatters taking up residence, attacks of vandalism, fly tipping and theft. This can have a negative effect on the properties value and may result in expensive legal action if squatters have gained access.

A vacant property inspection can reduce the risk of vandalism and unauthorised access, helping to protect your investment and ensuring the property is kept in good condition for a quick sale. A weekly or bi-weekly inspection will also ensure the property remains safe and secure, free from squatters and that any damage that occurs is rectified before it becomes a major issue.

What does a vacant property inspection involve?

A professional 3D Security agent will attend the property on a predefined schedule to check for defects. A typical inspection will check both inside and outside the property to ensure everything is secure and that no fly-tipping is taking place. Once inside the property, meter readings are taken to help protect against unauthorised use of gas and electricity. The general state of the property is also recorded with photographic evidence.

A typical property inspection will cover the following areas:

• A complete check of the outside of the property for damage, theft or fly-tipping
• A full interior inspection of the property checking for damage or theft, squatters or signs of illegal access
• The removal of mail
• The reading of utility meters

Once the inspection has been carried out, a full report is compiled and sent to the owner. This report includes a note about the general state of the property, a list of current defects, current meter readings and photographic evidence of any issues that need to be resolved.

Is a vacant property inspection a legal requirement?

While there is no legal requirement to inspect vacant properties, most insurance companies will insist that vacant property inspections are carried out weekly to continue coverage for the building. On smaller sites or those in rural areas, checks may not be mandatory but most insurance companies will discount your policy if you can prove regular inspections are being carried out.

Why choose 3D Security for your vacant property inspection?

3D Security operates regular security patrols in the South West including sites in Bristol, Taunton and Exeter. Our professional team already protect properties of all sizes from vacant business premises to large country houses in the region. Our specially trained officers are both discrete and professional ensuring your property is kept safe and secure at all times, helping to protect the value of your investment.

For a thorough evaluation of your security requirements contact one of our professional security consultants on 01823 253001.

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